the mctuff family

McTuff V3 with Cole Schuster and Ehssan Karimi

mctuff v2

McTuff v2 with andy coe, skerik, and tarik abouzied

OG McTuff
with Skerik, Andy Coe, and D’vonne Lewis


Hammond organist Joe Doria brings together some of the best of the NW music scene to create a powerful and jaw-dropping funk and jazz sound like you’ve never heard. A mix of stellar musicianship, seasoned songwriting and deep groove where no musical stone gets unturned. McTuff is a movin’ and groovin’ adventure that you will not soon forget. More…

“Forty-five years ago, Seattle trio McTuff would’ve been stars on Blue Note Records: guitarist Andy Coe, organist Joe Doria, and drummer Tarik Abouzied possess Olympian skills on their instruments, and they put their talent toward epic soul-jazz and funk-rock compositions that make old and young alike break out their most exhibitionistic dance moves.” – The Stranger